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A selection of our ready-to-wear pieces, experimental design, fashion jewelry, and 925 sterling silver collection.

All ready stock jewelries are made of 925 silver or gold dipped. 18K solid gold material is a made-to-order item, please allow an additional 4 weeks for us to make your special jewelry.

Full Agathe Necklace (Gold, Red beads)
IDR 979.000,-

Blessing Ring
IDR 399.000,-

Eternal Ring
IDR 499.000,-

Lady Dawn Ring
IDR 680.000,-

Fluxe Ring (Silver, Black oil)
IDR 1.250.000,-

Fluxe Ring (Gold, Brown oil)
IDR 1.500.000,-

Fluxe Ring (Silver, Brown oil)
IDR 1.250.000,-

Eye-Catching Ring (Gold)
IDR 789.000,-

Eye See You Ring (Gold)
IDR 749.000,-

Eye See You Ring (Silver)
IDR 749.000,-

Daisies Ring (Gold, Green beads)
IDR 989.000,-

Daisies Ring (Gold, Red beads)
IDR 989.000,-